I have on one or two occasions blogged on the Heiltsuk People who are against Supertankers traveling through their waters.

These warriors come in all shapes and sizes. Some are like me, old, grey, bent and snarly. Others are strong young women who have found their voice and are once again telling their story. One or two are so darn cute and cuddly you just want to pick them up and give them such a hug.

Still and all they are united by one overarching passion. They need to save their land for the future generations. They are united in their belief that supertankers carrying Dilbit will never travel through their nations waters because they know the destruction the supertankers will bring in their wake.

Old and grey, young and strong, or cute and cuddly none of them are going to allow Harper, Enbridge, China and big business to destroy their land and their life just to satisfy greed on a collosol scale.


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