Three years ago squatters showed up and we now have no fear of purgatory or even hell. Though they do have a fear of Myra and myself. 

Since they squatted beside us we have done a lot to overcome their lifestyle. Bamboo has been planted that sucks up the filth they put into the soil. We have put in earth berms to cut back on the noise level. Plants have been put in to block them from our view. Police visits have become routine.

Starting next week we begin ‘THE FENCE’. The fence will be ferrocement, about three meters high and on our side we will sculpt it into a mountain crater or something that fits into our mood. On their side it will be grey cement and curved to bounce their noise and scent back to their own ears and noses. 

We really would prefer not to build this fence. Myra and I would like it if we could be friends. But that is just not going to happen. We like a quiet balanced lifestyle that includes good company and beauty. They like to get drunk, puke, get into a fight, yell loudly into a karioki machine and steal… the men are even worse.

So the fence goes up and as it moves around our yard the squatters become less and less relevant. 
Ironically one of the reasons we moved here was because we were tired of  ‘Cocooning’

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