Do the people in the pictures look like the Royal Canadian Mounted Police to you? Or do they look like extras in a very bad Bollywood shoot them up film?

Surprise surprise surprise these are the Royal Canadian Mounted Police. Now they mount up in helicopters or Armoured personnel carriers as well as in the saddle.

These Royal Canadian Mounted Police are dressed to kill. And make no mistake, when their Lords and masters say ‘kill’, they will do as they are ordered.


They proved their loyalty to their masters at the Gustafsen Lake Standoff.

By the end of the 31-day standoff, police had fired up to 7,000 rounds of ammunition, disabled a supply pick-up with buried explosive, shot one woman’ 

These  RCMP scare me. They are not on duty to take down criminals and protect citizens. They are on duty to spy, to infiltrate, to protect foreign investment in the Athabaskan Tar Sands and… to kill.   

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