Roy Henry Vickers and myself have some points in common. We both found ourselves making bad choices as we grew into adulthood and that these bad choices led to an ugly lifestyle. We both eventually found good people and a path that helped us to create a healthy life. My path was Christianity that had been strongly influenced by the First Nations who live on the North – West Coast of Canada. Roy Henry Vickers took a path that led him to the Sweat Lodge. I could not have walked Roy’s path as he could not have walked mine. But I am now in my 60’s and I am thankful that Roy and I have met and that our paths are for now moving together.


West / Autumn

West, this is the direction of the visionary. When the sun goes down and darkness comes to the world we can still see. We can see images with our eyes closed, we call this imagination or vision. We are all visionaries and I pray that this vision enables me to see clearly the way I journey through this world. The element of the visionary is water and we living beings are mostly made up of water and it is water that covers most of the earth. When we sweat together in the lodge our waters go into the earth and join other waters that join bigger water that flows to the sea and eventually travels around the world to come back to the earth as rain. The color of the visionary is blue black or what I call midnight blue.

This is the direction for all the men let us be good and gentle men for those around us. Let us be there for the men in our lives to help them in a respectful way to be who they are meant to be in this life.
The instrument of the visionary is the click stick, it is one of the oldest instruments known to man and has been used to keep time, it is best known today as the drum stick. The season of the visionary is autumn, a season of harvest, a season of preparing for winter.

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