Roy Henry Vickers and myself have some points in common. We both found ourselves making bad choices as we grew into adulthood and that these bad choices led to an ugly lifestyle. We both eventually found good people and a path that helped us to create a healthy life. My path was Christianity that had been strongly influenced by the First Nations who live on the North – West Coast of Canada. Roy Henry Vickers took a path that led him to the Sweat Lodge. I could not have walked Roy’s path as he could not have walked mine. But I am now in my 60’s and I am thankful that Roy and I have met and that our paths are for now moving together. 

South / Summer

South, this is the direction of the healer and I pray that my healing continues as I move from a survivor to one who lives life to the fullest. We all have trauma in our lives when parts of our selves run away and we need to bring them back to be whole, this is part of our healing. Healing begins in the spirit and then helps the mind and the body. The element of healing is the earth for it is our mother earth that provides food for the body and medicines to help us heal. This is also the direction for the women and I pray and give thanks for all those females in my life, that they may live in a good way and find peace and joy in their lives. The season of the healer is summer and the instrument is the drum, the beat of the heart. We use the drum in healing songs all over the world.


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