Roy Henry Vickers and myself have some points in common. We both found ourselves making bad choices as we grew into adulthood and that these bad choices led to an ugly lifestyle. We both eventually found good people and a path that helped us to create a healthy life. My path was Christianity that had been strongly influenced by the First Nations who live on the North – West Coast of Canada. Roy Henry Vickers took a path that led him to the Sweat Lodge. I could not have walked Roy’s path as he could not have walked mine. But I am now in my 60’s and I am thankful that Roy and I have met and that our paths are for now moving together.

North / Winter

North is the direction of the warrior, I pray that the warrior in me has the courage to stand in the strength, truth, and, beauty of who I am, the descendant of those ancestors who have gone before. This is the direction of the elder, the older wise ones who have much wisdom to offer. I pray for the elders of our communities that they are respected and able to help we who have lesser experiences in life.

When the cold winds of winter blow against us I pray we have the courage to stand against adversity, to show the way, because every warrior is a leader. The season is winter and the color is white.

The lessons of the teacher, the healing of the healer, and the visionary’s vision are all there to help the warrior to lead in a good way in this world and we are all leaders. Let my peace and joy come from deep inside me where I know that I am leading in a good way.
The instrument of the leader is the rattle. Many babies are given this instrument when they are born. Let our rattle remind us that we are no stronger than a child and we need the strength of our ancestors and the Creator to carry on.

The four directions are the four doors of the Sweat Lodge experience.
May these four teaching become a blessing for you. 

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