Yesterday I was shared and then passed on a Sweat Lodge teaching which included an insight to the  the ‘rattle’;

‘The instrument of the leader is the rattle. Many babies are given this instrument when they are born. Let our rattle remind us that we are no stronger than a child and we need the strength of our ancestors and the Creator to carry on.’

My wife works and teaches in Peace and Development and she was stunned by this idea. Katharina who also works in Peace and Development in multiple cultures found this idea enlightening. I have found myself going back to this idea.

Strangely this teaching reminds me of three men who in their own right are leaders and are known for their ability to switch between child and adult with incredible speed and absolute honesty.
HHDL and Archbishop Desmond Tutu

  Maybe, just maybe there is truth in this teaching?

 If it works for these three?
Why not for me and thee? 

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