Rest in Peace My Friend

A few hours ago I was told that Don had died. Many things have gone through my heart. For some reason I feel a need to share the following…

I remember Don as a man who loved to laugh. He would always have a joke or a story to share. Perhaps because I was the Village Lepled (pastor sort of) he never tired of telling me this one…

A man decided to paint his barn and went to town to buy some paint. At the store he found that they were having a sale on red paint and as he had always admired the red fire hall he decided to buy it. Trouble was there was not quite enough red so he bought some white to stretch it out.

By the time he had thinned it out enough to finish the job he had a nice pale pink barn. He was just so disappointed that he drove to the next town down the road to pick up enough red paint to redo the whole barn.

The store owner was a good sort and once he heard the story he gave the fellow a discount and some sage advice….


Thanks for everything Don.

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