Every quest is unique. Apparently mine will happen in our garden/temple and it will not be done alone. This morning after walking my wife down to her ride I planted some seeds that my neighbour had just shared with me. Then Cooper (our Doberman) and I went for a stroll into the bamboo grove. Off to our side a Spotted Wood Kingfisher broke cover, flew ahead of us, came to rest on a branch about 8 feet off the ground.

Cooper wandered over but the Kingfisher did not even turn around to look at him. I softly thanked him for showing himself to us, assured him I was harmless and slowly approached him. When I was about 5 feet away he turned to look at me.

After a minute or so he flew to another branch a little higher where he once again turned away. He had apparently decided I was alright and the audience was over…for now.

Friends, companions, teachers are gathering. 
May I be a worthy student.  

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